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No closet is too small.  No garage is too full.  No paper pile is too high!

Let's chat today about working together to organize your space and your life!  


What Is an Organizer?

Good question. We do many things. But at the heart of it, we help you identify your priorities, realize your vision for your space and bring order to your life.

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Are you moving into a new home and need help getting settled quickly?  Have you purchased your first home and want it set up just right? Are you struggling to get rid of items that you just don't want anymore?  Do you need help downsizing?  I can help with these things, and more!

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Clutter Counselor

I've seen the closets, the offices, garages, the kitchens and the piles. I've seen it all. Read about tips that you can implement to help organize your life.

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The business

Whether you're in a new space, or the home you've lived in for decades, let's talk about organizing and what it can do for you.


Not only did she do a tremendous amount of unpacking and sensible organization, she was a calming presence during the stressful transition. 

— Amy R, Boston


No two spaces are the same.

Working closely with clients to help create the organized space of their dreams is integral to the success of a project. Hear from some of the happy clients I've worked with.