Organizing services to transform your space.


Residential Organizing

Closets, pantry, attic, garage, storage units - I will help you organize any area of your home!  If you are in need of a new closet system, I can help with that as well!  It all starts with a 1 hour complimentary consultation, where we discuss your needs and tour the space you would like help with.   

Space Planning

Does your home feel hodge podge and thrown together? I can help you plan out your space to give it better flow and increased energy, so you feel more comfortable there.

Small business organizing

Efficient use of space can have a dramatic effect on your team's productivity. From storage spaces to team gathering spots, I can help you identify your needs and create a plan for improving the space.


Unpack and organize

I can be present on the day of your move as your household goods are delivered, and be present after the move is complete with a team of organizers to help make your new house your home.  You will be amazed at how quickly you will settle into your home, and forget the stress of moving!

Home project management

Have a wish list of projects for your house that just don't seem to get completed? Hanging pictures. Repairing a chair. Fixing a broken clock.  Source the right lamp shade for your lamp in the corner.  Install shelf liner.  I will work with you to facilitate the completion of your home projects, and reduce your stress.